Pro2A – Guilty without a Crime

People ask why I’m Pro2A, or FOR the Second Amendment, I tell them it’s because I’m ANTI getting murdered. It’s as simple as that. I’ve read what’s come out of Washington, and heard all the pundits talk ‘til I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t want to hear any more. To my mind, it’s simple. You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone. There are millions of people out there with guns – approximately 100 million – with over 300 million guns. I’m not sure how the figures work out since I heard that in Montana many gun owners are said to average owning 27 guns each. Wow. Those are some serious gun owners. The way I see it, if those people wanted to go out on a killing spree, they would have done it long ago. But there’s this thing called self-control that most of us are born with. Obviously some are not, but those are the ones you want to weed out. The ones WITH self-control have exhibited it most of their adult lives. They’ve held down decent, responsible jobs, been upstanding members of the community, served their country and perhaps even given parts of themselves to the country in battle. These people deserve to be respected and honored. People such as this should have their rights and liberties enhanced, not summarily removed by some catch-all law. The proposed gun laws, starting with national registration, exhibit a general laziness or distinct unwillingness on the part of our elected leadership to come up with a plan that benefits all. Gun owners look down the gravel road of national registration and see a future super highway paved with gun confiscation, loss of liberty, surveillance drones and any number of King Richard’s taxes without representation that we fought so hard against in the revolutionary war. It’s happening again, but from within our own government, more’s the pity.

One of the basic tenets of the American justice system is that a citizen is innocent until proven guilty. By enforcing gun control on every single American that owns a gun, you are judging him or her to be guilty of a felony before a felony is even committed. For this reason, if not other, gun control is wrong. I have done nothing wrong. My neighbor has done nothing wrong. None of my gun owning family or friends has done anything wrong. No crime has been committed. Why should we be judged guilty and sentenced to gun confiscation laws based on what some lunatic 15 states and a thousand miles away did? I have no control over that.
But I do have some control over this. I can research the record of every incumbent politician to see where he or she stands. Then I can vote in every primary, every local election, every state and national election that comes along to be sure dirty politicians don’t control this country. I can create voting groups that all agree on what policy should pass and who should pass it. I have a vehicle that seats nine. That means that once I’ve voted, I can go door to door and carry 8 additional voters to the polls to vote these lying jackals out of office. Longevity in politics is not guaranteed.
Now, I have a conceal-carry permit, which means I’ve already gone through all of the alien anal probing they need to ensure I won’t go off the deep end. I spent nearly 20 years driving a hazmat tanker rig that was akin to carrying a Thompson Machine gun for Al Capone on the scale of most dangerous things to do in life. Every day I dealt with the possibility that I might not make it home, and a stupid mistake on my part could kill someone. It wasn’t a pleasant thought. And that’s the problem, I think. People that kill others never consider the moral consequences of that act. Either that or they just place no value whatsoever on a human life. These are the people that need to be weeded out. Like the Columbine boys that killed all the students. The debate raged for a long time as to whether those boys were born without souls after what they did. Ok, that was on the Art Bell show, and he was kind of out there. But regardless of the ‘whys’ of the act of killing, most people aren’t strong enough to fight back without some sort of equalizer. That’s why Sam Colt invented the 45 long Colt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the gun that earned the moniker “the Great Equalizer”. It gave even the softest plowboy a chance against the most hardened cattle thief. These days, I think it’s probably the oft maligned AR-15 that’s the great equalizer. The cattle thief in question, at least in the mind of most Americans is the Federal government and the ultra-rich with their New World Order. If you haven’t heard of it, so some research, you might be surprised what you find. Look up Agenda 21, Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. That should be enough to get you started. The rest will roll over you like a flash flood.

Stonebear @Stonebearlives