Defaming the Constitution

In the second amendment to the original adopted 1776 Constitution, our Founding Fathers gave us the right to defend our homes, our lives and our liberty – God-given rights – against all aggressors, foreign and domestic. These God-given rights have been hard fought by many good men and women, in many well-documented battles, since the beginning of recorded history – from the days of Moses, all the way up through Martin Luther King Jr., into modern times. The battle is still being fought today. It will likely never end. We just have to keep fighting, with votes preferably, with blood if necessary.
On a different note, I recently heard our country’s Founding Fathers referred to as an outdated bunch of old farts in wigs, and our Constitution as nothing more than toilet paper that needs to be flushed, rewritten and replaced. Actually I think it was a college professor that called them outdated. It seems to me that the same people making these defaming comments don’t believe in God, so why should they believe in such a thing as God-given rights? And if these are the people teaching our children, how is our nation to survive.
It looks sounds and smells like Hitler is alive and well after all, and he’s trying to run our country into the ground. I think he emigrated from Canada.
– Stonebear