And Waiting in the Wings to Steal your Freedom?…. CISPA !!! the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

I swear, last night I went to bed in America, and this morning woke up in a foreign country. I haven’t figured out where I am yet, but it isn’t the America I grew up in. It isn’t the America my father and grandfather grew up in. My grandpa may have woke up in this country a few times way back during the war, but it wasn’t on THIS continent. Nazi Germany maybe, fascist Italy, I don’t know. A lot has changed since grand dad’s day, and not just the obvious advances, buildings, highways and stuff. In his day, at least on the surface, there was liberty. American’s were proud to be Americans. There was the right to life and the pursuit of happiness where ever you could find it. You could own a gun or a dog, drink a beer and smoke a cigarette, or raise crops and even children without the government’s (or your neighbor’s [-read government spy’s]) interference. These days, the only Americans that have deep down unreserved pride to be Americans are in the military (gung-ho or patriotic) or civilians that have no clue what’s really going on. I’m proud, but with reserves. I’m proud of the memory of an America that WAS. Maybe it’s my MS, but these days, I just feel more of a deep down disgust at what they’re doing to us than anything else.

Compared to grandpa’s day things are very different. We don’t have those simple liberties, either on the surface or underneath. Our liberties are a thinly veiled tissue of lies where one wrong turn will break through and cost your life, your freedom or both. The current government, Obama’s government, makes no bones about taking away your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Sad thing is, I actually thought Obama might be good for the country to begin with. The smooth talker really had me believing too. But words and deeds are two different things. The things he has done have undermined the country’s power, prestige and security worldwide. (Before you say it, it’s not that I’m anti black, it’s that I’m anti-Obama. I’m anti-dem, anti-left.) But mainly, it’s about the money. They have it, we don’t. Government officials don’t even attempt to try to hide their greed. If they get caught they just grin and slide out of trouble like and old snake oil salesman.

Once again, many Americans are no longer proud to be Americans and are looking for a way out, but we’re embarrassed by our government’s actions around the world. Where can we go? Most of us are afraid to travel for fear of being beheaded or worse, being sent home.

Around the world America is now known as the worst surveillance state in the world, and it’s true. Our advances in technology are causing the downfall of the greatest nation in the history of the world. Our enemies, like China and North Korea, have stolen our technologies and learned how to use them against us. In the process they’ve become worse terrorists than Bin Laden ever was. They’ve used fear of cyber attacks and hacking to turn us against ourselves, beginning with the DHS and the TSA. Our own government is so afraid of cyber attacks that they’re trying to steal all of our personal freedoms in the name of security. We can’t go anywhere or do anything without being observed or recorded. It’s a Orwellian nightmare and I’m afraid there may be no turning back. Technology has turned all of the things that we’ve come to love and depend on in our lives into dangerous surveillance devices -iPhones, -the internet and social media, -eyeglasses with internet and video capture, -cable television with a thousand channels can look back at you while you watch, -video surveillance in every window and on every street corner, -on every street light, -and in the eyes of every mannekin. THERE’S NOWHERE YOU CAN HIDE. And now the FBI wants all of your information handed to them on a platter, without a warrant, in direct defiance of the Constitution. The Fourth amendment to the constitution should protect you against this, but if CISPA passes, the Fourth is toast. At this point it’s been passed by the House, twice, but has been stopped in the Senate, twice. All this happened, btw, while America was caught up in the Boston Marathon bombing. It seems to me that if and when the government wants to introduce a questionable bill that may REALLY piss off the American people, they either wait for, OR CREATE (which is scary to consider), a national catastrophe that will direct everyone’s attention away from Washington for a day or two. Then they sneak in and quietly vote on a “nasty bill” when no one is looking…bastards…smart bastards, but bastards nonetheless. It makes me ashamed to be a gullible, pliable, weak American, just like you.

As it stands, all of our posts, text and emails are already being monitored and saved by the Fed. (Which means everything I write here is probably already being screened to be used against me.) So they’ve already begun their attack on the First amendment by making us afraid to speak our minds for fear of being grilled under hot lights in a dark room and labeled terrorist for disagreeing with what they’re doing. Meanwhile, they’re building a hu-freaking-mongous storage facility in Utah that will house the servers for all of your personal data they mine. It’s already being built. That doesn’t sound like they’re waiting for the CISPA bill to be passed. They’re building it anyway. They say the amount of data being stored there will be measured in yottabytes, which make terabytes look microscopic in comparison.

People, I still believe in a real America, the Real America… the America of hope and dreams and promise and miracles. The America of baseball and apple pie and liberty and the pursuit of happiness that Washington and Jefferson  and Franklin and Lincoln envisioned. I still believe it is possible if the people stand up for what is right and don’t allow themselves to be slaves to a misguided ruling class. I was never a political person, and corny as it may be, I believe in those things now more than I ever have in my life.

I’m seriously thinking about deleting my Google and Facebook accounts, as well as disabling my cellphone. They are just fuel on the fire to my way of thinking.

Paranoid? Crazy? Overkill? Maybe. Maybe not.