West Columbia, SC

Bio: Do you ever get the feeling that the world isn't what it used to be, that everything you worked so hard for your whole life is being slowly taken away from you? Does it feel like your money, your freedom, your health, your future, even your children's future is slipping from your grasp? It's like trying to grip a handful of water. You start out okay. You can hold on to some of it, but as soon as your attention is diverted for just an instant, you spill some. Then a moment later, you lose some more. Each time you move or look away to protect your other interests, you lose a little more of your precious handful of water. Now suppose it isn't water you're holding in your hand. Imagine it's your individual freedoms, your constitutional rights. You turn away for a second to watch out for your money or your child's education and you find you've lost the right to defend you home, your right to free speech, or something else that's dear to you. The government's meddling in the private lives of good people and coming perilously close to costing America everything that our parents and grandparent fought so hard to protect. Wake up Americans. Do NOT trust what the evening news tells you. Mainstream Media (MSM) is biased and only gives you what they want you to hear. If you care at all for this country, get online and find other media outlets to balance your knowledge of what's REAlly happening in and TO this country. The world is coming apart at the seams people. This COUNtry is simply being dumbed down and suffocated. Since when do we care more about make up and Miley Cyrus than we do about this president's decision to scale back our military to is lowest level since world war II? Our networks think we're idiots. They gave 20 minutes to make up and body image and 2-3 minutes to a MAJOR decision by our government concerning our military. Are we that stupid? Question is, are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution? I, for one, want to be part of the solution.

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  1. This post was written while in the control of a liberal government. We saw a ray of light in the darkness with then candidate, now President, Trump, won the most coveted seat of power on the planet. That ray still shines, albeit with brief periods of darkness, like rainclouds covering the sun. For myself, I still believe in Donald Trump. I think his heart is in the right place, despite the seemingly endless reports to the contrary promulgated by today’s predominantly liberal media. I won’t say that they are evil. Not all of them. They’re just backing the wrong horses. There are, I believe, forces of evil intent that seek to control the masses to which we belong. As I said, I believe in Trump, the brightest ray of light we have been blessed with since Ronald Reagan. But I also believe that President Trump had no real understanding of how far the opposition party would go in order to maintain their power and illegal, immoral founts of riches that they’ve gotten used to. I’m surprised they aren’t demanding alimony to keep them living in a fashion to which they have become accustomed. Maybe they haven’t thought of it yet.
    Well things are looking up, if we can overlook the media’s magical misdirections that are keeping ordinary Americans from the truth, that it’s all their fault. All we can do, given the republican party’s stonewalling of Trump’s good intentions, is to wait for the next election cycle and replace all of the embedded, incumbent repub politicians, with new, fresh repubs willing to get on board with Trump’s plan. And by the way, replace a few democrats, too. Above all, we can’t allow the Democrats another opportunity to diminish our personal freedoms, including but not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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